Pulphouse Fall1990
Author Harry Turtledove
First Appearance Pulphouse
Reprinted The Best of Pulphouse
Collected Counting Up, Counting Down
Genre(s) Fantasy
Publication date 1990

Honeymouth is a Harry Turtledove story originally printed in Pulphouse 9 (Fall, 1990); reprinted in The Best of Pulphouse, (St. Martin's 1991, Kathryn Rusch, ed.), and in Turtledove's collection, Counting Up, Counting Down (Del Rey, 2002). It is a fantasy story set in a world of unicorns, and demonstrates Turtledove's particular love of puns.

"Honeymouth" Coradin is a particularly foul-mouthed mercenary who rides a unicorn, an impressive feat, as those who ride unicorns invariably become overly aroused sexually if they are not virgins. Coradin is known not only for his cursing, but for his drinking and wenching as well. Count Rupen of Iveria sends his seneschal Milo to learn how Coradin could keep a unicorn with all of his wenching. Milo discovers inadvertently after a battle just how Coradin is able to be sexually active and not become overwhelmed by his unicorn.

Honeymouth has this as his nickname not just because he is foul-mouthed, but also because he enjoys performing cunnilingus, and has never actually engaged in vaginal intercourse.