The Holy Mission Church was a Protestant denomination of Christianity. It arose as a reaction to the substantial advances in human technology, instead eschewing anything more than the most basic needs to survive. The Church embraced a strict patriarchal family structure, and repression of sexuality beyond congress between husband and wife.

The Church created a colony called New Zion on the planet of Reverence, a harsh world dominated by a jungle biome. The planet was sufficiently primitive to allow the Church their anti-technology stance. Reverence had sentient inhabitants called the Haldols. The members of the Church had attempted to convert the Haldols, but met with disbelief. The Haldols filthy living conditions and lack of sexual inhibitions further disgusted the Church, and its members had as little to do with the Haldols as possible.

Victoria Griffin, a citizen of New Zion, was the catalyst for a series of events which eventually brought about the extinction of the Haldols.

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