Hiram, rarely spelled Hyrum, is a Hebrew man's name meaning "high born." In the works of Harry Turtledove, Hiram may refer to:

Hiram (The Boring Beast), a deity referenced in "The Boring Beast."
Hiram (The Two Georges) a policeman and minor character in The Two Georges.
Hiram the Cranberry, a general and minor character in The War Between the Provinces: Advance and Retreat.
Hiram Bartlett, fictional shipping magnate in "Audubon in Atlantis".
Hiram Defoe, fictional politician in The Two Georges.
Hiram Dill, fictional huntsman, minor character in Opening Atlantis: Avalon.
Ulysses S. Grant, historical President of the United States appearing in The Guns of the South and How Few Remain. In OTL he was also sometimes known as Hiram Ulysses Grant.
Hiram Johnson, historical California politician appearing in American Empire: The Center Cannot Hold.
Hiram Kidde, fictional US Navy CPO in The Great War.
Hiram Lincoln, fictional Confederate cavalry officer appearing in The Great War: American Front.
Hiram Lumpkin, historical U.S. Army soldier appearing in Fort Pillow.
Hiram McCullough, fictional Freedom Party Guardsman, minor character in Settling Accounts: The Grapple.
Hiram Perkins, fictional American soldier, minor character in Joe Steele (novel).
Hiram Pottinger, fictional US Navy officer in Southern Victory.
Hiram Radcliffe, fictional politician in Liberating Atlantis.
Hyrum Rush, minor fictional character in Settling Accounts: Drive to the East
Hiram Smith, fictional politician, minor character in The United States of Atlantis.

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