Fictional Character
Bridge of the Separator
Videssos Series
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Empire of Videssos
Religion: Phos worship
Cause of Death: Curse
Occupation: Soldier
Spouse: Ingegerd

Himerios was the commander of the city garrison of Skopentzana. He was informed of the civil war between the Grand Domestikos Stylianos and the Avtokrator Maleinos II by the prelate Rhavas.

On the day a courier arrived with news of the war, the eparch Zautzes had consulted with Rhavas who, in turn, immediately came to Himerios to sound him out. Because Himerios commanded the largest military force in the region, his support for the Avtokrator or for the usurper would be important. He implied to Rhavas that he would support Maleinos but the prelate realized when he returned to his residence that Himerios had not actually committed to either side. He viewed Himerios scornfully as a trimmer and determined to watch him closely for signs of treason.

However, a few weeks later, Himerios was ordered by Maleinos to take his forces south to reinforce the Avtokrator. Such orders had been sent to many of the garrisons between Skopentzana and Videssos the city stripping the land of defenses from possible invasion by the Halogai or marauding Khamorth tribes. Himerios obeyed the order and marched his troops south. Before he left, he asked Rhavas to watch out for his wife Ingegerd, who he was leaving in the city, especially if things went wrong. Rhavas reluctantly agreed, pointing out that under those circumstances, there wouldn't be much he could do.