Fictional Character
"Counting Potsherds"
POD: 483 BCE;
Relevant POD: 480 BCE
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Yaunan citizen of Persian Empire
Date of Birth: 1st c. BC
Occupation: Ganzabara (financial officer)

Hermippos was the ganzabara or financial officer to the satrap Vahauka of the Persian province of Yauna. When Mithredath arrived on his mission for Khsrish IV, Hermippos was at dinner with Vahauka and was present when the latter invited Mithredath dine with them. After supping, Mithredath explained he was to learn more of the deeds of Khsrish I in his conquest of Yauna. Hermippos echoed Vahauka's offer of assistance. He then suggested the best place to find more information was the ruins of Athens. Hermippos also offered the services of a secretary who knew both Aramaic and Greek since any inscriptions would be in the Hellenic tongue. Mithredath agreed to both suggestions.[1]

The next day, Mithredath used his tablet of credit from the court of Khsrish to draw on more funds from Hermippos to further finance his mission.[2]


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