Fictional Character
Appearance(s): The Misplaced Legion;
An Emperor for the Legion;
The Legion of Videssos
(Also contemporary references in Swords of the Legion)
Nationality: Duchy of Namdalen
Parents: Dosti senior
Spouse: Hemond (deceased);
Marcus Scaurus (divorced)
Children: Malric, Dosti (sons); Emilia (daughter)
Relatives: Soteric (brother)

Helvis was a lady from the Duchy of Namdalen. Originally married to Hemond, she was widowed when Hemond was killed by Avshar. Marcus Scaurus of the "Ronam" tribe personally delivered Hemond's effects to Helvis, for which she and her brother were thankful. She and Scaurus eventually fell in love. However, they quarreled over many things, including his preference for continuing in Videssian service as opposed to her desire to retire to Namdalen. After Scaurus' troops captured Namdaleni rebellion leaders including her brother Soteric, she ran away from him, freeing Namdaleni rebels and killing Roman soldier Junius Blaesus. Then she settled in Namdalen.

Helvis was the mother to Malric son of Hemond, and to Dosti and Emilia son and daughter of Marcus Scaurus.

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