Hell Divers is a 1931 movie starring Wallace Beery and Clark Gable as a pair of competing chief petty officers on board the USS Saratoga. Beery is the old-timer looking to trip up the young Gable, both on and off duty; the story is conventional but the acting is superb.

The movie features considerable footage of operations on board the Saratoga, with dramatic shots of takeoffs and landings of the Curtiss F8C "Helldivers", biplane dive bombers after which the movie was named. Scenes include an exercise in which the Helldivers sink an old battleship within a few minutes, a harbinger of what was to happen at Pearl Harbor just ten years later.

Hell Divers in Days of Infamy Edit

Hell Divers was so fondly remembered by many in the Japanese Navy, especially the ship sinking scene, that they almost always referred to any American Navy dive bombers as "hell divers", regardless of what model plane they were.

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