Helen Legrand
Fictional Character
"The Haunted Bicuspid"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States
Occupation: housewife
Spouse: William Legrand
Children: Benjamin Legrand, two other sons, one daughter

Helen Legrand was the wife of prominent furniture dealer William Legrand of Baltimore. The two had married in 1823 and remained together through life's ups and downs for twenty-eight years.

Bill had always had difficulties with his teeth and while Helen sympathized, she could do little to help. In 1851, Bill once again visited a dentist to have a tooth drawn and when he returned Helen flew into his arms in sympathy. However, this time he was in little pain due to the effects of chloroform. While glad of this, she corrected Bill when he said he was to be envied rather than pitied; anyone who lost a tooth was not to be envied. Bill took this correction in good humor since it was a self evident truth.

Life continued as it had previously until Bill began having vivid dreams. After one he awoke screaming beside her. She comforted him as best as she could but Bill began trying to stay awake and avoid his dreams. On another occasion she came upon him sleeping but muttering "I will give it back". The light of her candle caused him to awake and to repeat his statement. She dismissed it as that of someone still half asleep but Bill was serious and went that very morning to Vankirk to have his bicuspid extracted.