Heinrich's Hofbrau and Sushi Bar was a joint near the San Atanasio's police station. As such it had always been a popular place for officers to have lunch but after the Yellowstone Supervolcano eruption it became especially busy with both uniformed and plainclothes since it was walking distance to the station. Lt. Colin Ferguson joked that he wished it had served pizza as well and covered all three of the Axis powers in one place.[1]

The restaurant had a menu with two columns for German and Japanese foods. After the eruption the owners had adapted offering more soba noodles made from buckwheat or kasha which was easier to grow in the cooler weather and pork dishes with pigs easier to raise. Even then, those were heavier on potatoes and sauerkraut and lighter on the pork than they would have been prior to the eruption. The eruption also disrupted fish supplies on the sushi side but squid remained plentiful. Ferguson reflected that they were indestructible, like oceanic cockroaches.[2]

Ferguson had a quiet lunch there with Sgt. Gabe Sanchez about three years after the eruption. He confided that his new wife Kelly and his daughter Vanessa were not getting along and he hoped Vanessa would soon find a place of her own. But what really worried Ferguson was Vanessa's new boyfriend Bronislav Nedic. From his naval service, he recognized Nedic as a dangerous man, and given his background as a partisan during the breakup of Yugoslavia, he feared for Vanessa's safety.[3]

After Darren Pitcavage was arrested for felony drug-dealing and his father Chief Mike Pitcavage committed suicide, Ferguson and Det. Rodney Ellis, who had conducted the investigation and made the arrest, were "disinvited" to the funeral by his widow Caroline. Instead, the two took a long lunch at Heinrich's.[4]


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