The Hawker Hurricane was a World War II fighter aircraft designed and manufactured by the British. Together with the Spitfire, the Hurricane was significant in enabling the Royal Air Force to win the Battle of Britain in 1940, accounting for the majority of the RAF's air victories. About 14,000 Hurricanes were built by the end of 1944 (including about 1,200 converted to Sea Hurricanes, and about 1,400 built in Canada), and served in all the major theatres of the Second World War.

Hawker Hurricane in The War That Came EarlyEdit

The Hurricane was the primary fighter of the RAF when the war in Europe broke out. In the first year of the war, it was one of the few fighters that could stand up to the Me-109 and helped keep the Germans from gaining complete air superiority. During the Allied counter attack outside Paris, the Hurricane was used in CAS rolls with great success.

Through the war, the Hurricane was a real work horse, seeing combat in nearly every theatre of war, from France, to England, Norway, Russia and North Africa. In-spite of its abilities mid 1942, the Spitfire began to replace the Hurricane as the RAF's prime fighter.

Hawker Hurricane in Worldwar Edit

Hurricanes along with Spitfires made up the bulk of the RAF's fighter craft when the Race invaded. Hopelessly outmatched, the Hurricane was thrown into the fight mainly because it was all Britain had. Although not as famous as the Spitfire, the Hurricane was still respected by those who knew it's capabilities. The Hurricane had one last hurrah during the Race Invasion of the United Kingdom, but afterwards, it was phased out. By the time peace was declared in 1944, the Hurricane had vanished from the front line.

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