Havana, also spelled Habana, is the capital city, major port, and leading commercial center of Cuba. The city is also one of the 14 Cuban provinces. In terms of population, Havana in the largest city in the Caribbean.

Havana in "Cayos in the Stream"Edit

Havana, being a large port city, was a perfect breeding ground for rumor. It was here that Ernest Hemingway learned of suspicious submarine activity near Cayo Bernardo, which led to his direct involvement in World War II.

Havana in Southern VictoryEdit

Habana was the largest city and port of the Confederate state of Cuba. During the Great War, it was a popular destination for Confederate sailors on shore-leave.

While on a relaxed leave at Habana, Roger Kimball read in the paper the mistaken report of the sinking of his submersible the CSS Bonefish, and the death of himself and his entire crew. He was rather amused by it.

Havana in A World of DifferenceEdit

When the cosmonauts of Tsiolkovsky arrived on Minerva's surface, Dr. Katerina Zakharova pointed out that most of their stay would be in very cold temperatures, cold even by Russian standards: it was early afternoon on a spring day and the latitude of Hogram's castle on the Minervan globe was roughly equal to that of Havana on Earth's globe.[1] Shota Rustaveli, the Georgian member of the crew, privately doubted that Comrade Fidel Castro would find the weather very much like a Havana spring.[2]


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