Hatchlings are young members of the Race. They emerge from their eggs with their motor skills fully developed and exhibit profoundly antisocial behavior for the first several years of their lives. Both these traits are exhibited because they will have no parental care from either their father or their mother, neither of whom will ever even know them. Their fathers will not even know if they fertilized any females' eggs during their mating season.

Eggs are typically laid two at a time, so hatchlings emerge from their eggs together. However, under normal circumstances they rarely remain together for long. Tosevites know very little of hatchling-rearing practices among the Race, beyond that hatchlings occasionally find themselves in the wild, where they are fully capable of growing to adulthood in an uncivilized and anti-social state.

Mickey and Donald were the first hatchlings of the Race to be raised by Tosevites, in an experiment carried out by the Yeager family in the not-empire of the United States.

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