Harvey, in the works of Harry Turtledove, may refer to:

Characters whose first name is Harvey:

Harvey (The Valley-Westside War), soldier of The Valley, minor character in The Valley-Westside War.
Harvey Cutter, fictional explorer, POV character of "Lure".
Harvey Harriman, fictional professor, minor character in Supervolcano: Eruption.
Harvey Kemmel, a US Navy sailor and minor character in The Great War: American Front.
Harvey O'Doull, father of Southern Victory POV character Leonard O'Doull, makes a minor appearance in American Empire: Blood and Iron.

Characters whose middle name is Harvey:

Daniel Harvey Hill, historical Confederate general referenced in How Few Remain.
Lee Harvey Oswald, historical gunman referenced in "Before the Beginning".

Characters whose surname is Harvey:

Fred Harvey, historical businessman referenced in The Two Georges.

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