Hanover refers to several locations in Germany, including a city in Lower Saxony, and a former kingdom in the German Confederation that was ultimately annexed by Prussia in 1866. It also refers to the Royal House of Hanover, a dynasty that ruled, among other places, the United Kingdom in the 18th and 19th Centuries. From 1714 to 1837, the Monarch of the United Kingdom was also Head of State of Hanover.

While the German city or former state haven't played any notable role in the works Harry Turtledove, House of Hanover monarchs George III and Victoria have played notable background roles in several works.

More specific to Turtledove's works, Hanover may refer to:

Hanover, Atlantis the largest city in the fictional United States of Atlantis in the Atlantis series, which may geographically be analogous of New York City. It plays a prominent role in the novel The United States of Atlantis, and the short story "The Scarlet Band" (where it is identified as the capital of Atlantis). In Opening Atlantis, we learn that the city was originally called "Stuart", in reference to the reigning House of Stuart, but that the name changed with the reign of the House of Hanover.
Hanover Herald was a newspaper published in the above city.
Hanover Light was a lighthouse that guided ships into the city's harbor.
Hanover Uprising was a riot in the city during the Atlantean War of Independence.
Hanover (province), a province of the North American Union in The Two Georges that takes up all of OTL Wyoming, eastern Montana, southwestern South Dakota, eastern Colorado, and Nebraska north of the Platte River. It is only referenced in the map found in the novel. It is not a setting, nor is it a topic of conversation for the primary characters.

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