Hamilton - Port Dover

Hamilton (2016 population 536,917) is a port city in the Canadian province of Ontario. Conceived by George Hamilton when he purchased the Durand farm shortly after the War of 1812, Hamilton has become the centre of a densely populated and industrialized region at the west end of Lake Ontario known as the Golden Horseshoe. Since 1981, the metropolitan area has been listed as the ninth largest in Canada and the third largest in Ontario.

Hamilton in Southern VictoryEdit

In the first year of the Great War, the U.S. crossed the Welland Canal with the loss of thousands of troops but the Canadians and British fell back forming a new defensive line from Hamilton on Lake Ontario through Caledonia to Port Dover on Lake Erie. Constant artillery bombardment and attacks by the U.S. forced the Canadians back into Hamilton itself, but the rest of the line continued to hold.[1]


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