The Haida are a Native American tribe of the west coast of North America. The Haida territories comprised an archipelago called Haida Gwaii, off the coast of British Columbia in what is now Canada, and southeast islands of Alaska, now in the United States. Their main archipelago is commonly known by the British applied name, the Queen Charlotte Islands. Their ancestral language is the Haida language, which has never been adequately classified by linguists because of its uniqueness.

Haida in The Two GeorgesEdit

The Haida had been decimated by "white man's diseases" (mainly smallpox) in the 17th century but continued to survive and live on the Queen Charlotte Islands and the Vancouver mainland. Many no longer followed their native traditions and had assimilated into Anglo-Saxon lifestyles and professions. For instance, a number of sailors working on the Northern Lights were Haida.

Those who still followed the old ways lived in Skidegate Village just outside Skidegate proper. They continued as hunters and fishermen, and maintained traditional arts and skills such as woodcarving. A number of houses in the Village had magnificent totem poles in front demonstrating this.

The All-Union Art Museum in Victoria also had an extensive collection of Haida work.