The Royal Gurkha Rifles (RGR) is a regiment of the British Army, forming
part of the Brigade of Gurkhas. The Royal Gurkha Rifles are now the sole infantry regiment of the British Army Gurkhas. Like the other Gurkha regiments of the British and Indian armies, the regiment is recruited from Gurkhas from Nepal, which is a nation independent of the United Kingdom and not a member of the Commonwealth.

The Royal Gurkha Rifles are considered to be some of the finest soldiers in the world, as is evidenced by the high regard they are held in for both their fighting skill, and their smartness of turnout on parade. Their standard of drill is considered to be on a par with that of the Foot Guards and in July 1997 the regiment mounted the guard at Buckingham Palace.

Their motto is: Better to die than live a coward.

Gurkha Rifles in The Two GeorgesEdit

The Gurkha Rifles were a highly regarded military unit in the British Empire, ranked with the Iroquois Scouts.[1]


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