Guatemala is a small country in Central America, bordering Mexico to the north and west, Belize to the northeast, Honduras to the east, El Salvador to the southeast, the Caribbean Sea to the northeast, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

Guatemala in The Two GeorgesEdit

Guatemala[1] was the southern most province of Franco-Spanish Nueva España. To the north were the provinces of Mexico and Yucatan. It stretched south to Nueva Granada in South America and included the Isthmus of Panama.[2]

Guatemala in The War That Came Early Edit

In the wake of the 1941 British Military Coup, various British officials who had collaborated with the Nazis during the Hess Agreement period were reassigned to diplomatic posts in far-off neutral countries where they couldn't cause trouble. One of these men was assigned to the capital of Guatemala.[3]

Guatemala in Worldwar Edit

During World War II, Guatemala was aligned with the Allied Forces. It (along with the rest of Central America) was conquered by the Race's Conquest Fleet during their invasion of the Earth in 1942.[4] It was recognized as a Race colony after the Peace of Cairo in 1944.


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