Division Grossdeutschland-1-
The Greater Germany (Großdeutschland) Division was an élite German Army combat unit which saw action during World War II. It was the premier division of the German Army. Along with the Panzer Lehr Division, it was the best-equipped unit in the German Armed Forces (Wehrmacht), receiving equipment before all other units (including Waffen-SS units). The GD Division served exclusively on the Eastern Front. It was annihilated near Pillau in May, 1945.

Grossdeutschland Division in In the Presence of Mine EnemiesEdit

The Grossdeutschland Division was so well trained that its duties included guarding the Führer of the Greater German Reich after the Second World War.

Soldiers of the Division were very visible in ceremonial uniforms marching in front of the Führer's Palace in Berlin. Although they made a fine spectacle for the tourists, they were fully prepared to face any attack.

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