Griffin is a common Irish surname of uncertain origin and meaning, and Griffith is one of the Welsh spellings. Griffin is also a variation of Gryphon, the Ancient Greek name for a mythological monster from what is now Kazakhstan. The Greek and Irish "Griffins" are probably unconnected but grew together through an accident of translation. In the works of Harry Turtledove, Griffin, etc., may refer to:

Character known only as Griffin:

Mr. Griffin, a New Zionite in "Vermin".

Characters whose surname is Griffin:

Lavinia Griffin, daughter of "Mr." and Victoria in "Vermin".
Lavinia Griffin senior, the deceased mother of "Mr." in "Vermin".
Victoria Griffin, the POV character of "Vermin".

Characters whose surname is Griffith:

Clark Griffith, historical baseballer appearing in The Man With the Iron Heart.
Don Griffiths, fictional US Army barrel commander, minor character in The Grapple.
Hillary Griffith, 22nd-century United States Navy personnel, POV in "Getting Real".
Ted Griffith, fictional Confederate barrel commander, minor character in Return Engagement.

Characters whose middle name is Griffith:

Charlie Ross, historical White House Press Secretary appearing in The Man With the Iron Heart.

Miscellaneous characters with relevant designations:

Griffith's CPO, otherwise unidentified 22nd-century United States Navy personnel in "Getting Real".

Book titles:

The Gryphon's Skull, second volume of the Hellenic Traders series.

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