Fictional Character
Set in the Future
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Krolp
Nationality: Renegade in the United States
Occupation: Soldier

Grelch was a Krolp renegade. He fled his people after committing some unknown transgression, and took refuge in the United States. Like all Krolp, Grelch saw humans as being beneath contempt. Thus, he had no compunctions about visiting President Harris Moffatt III without an appointment and demanding snarfar.

When the Krolp demanded access to dig for silver and a small amount of gold deep below the surface of northeastern Utah, Grelch and another renegade, Willig, advised Moffatt about resisting the Krolp. Both knew that any such uprising would fail. When it did begin, Grelch and Willig fled the U.S., which was effectively destroyed by the Krolp within three days.