During the civil war between Grand Domestikos Stylianos and the Avtokrator Maleinos II, the Khamorth tribesmen succeeded in storming Skopentzana. While they were sacking the city a great earthquake struck killing many tribesmen along with Videssian natives. The quake knocked down most buildings including the main temple to Phos. Most of the walls guarding the city were also leveled leaving only a few short sections remaining looking like an ancient jaw with only a few teeth in it.

Unknown to most, the city's prelate Rhavas cursed the Khamorth after he escaped the sack. He turned toward the city and stated "My curses on the Khamorth! May they suffer what they have made others suffer! May they die as they have made innocent Videssians die! May they burn as they have made Skopentzana burn! And may pestilence destroy any of the murderers my other curses do not overtake!" Ingegerd, who had accompanied Rhavas out of the city, heard his curse and agreed it was an excellent curse.

Shortly after, the Great Earthquake struck. When the ground stopped moving, Ingegerd looked at Rhavas in awe and stated he truly had the power to curse. Rhavas denied it, stating it was a coincidence but over time he grew to realize that this power to curse came not from Phos but from Skotos.