The Grasshopper was a two seat scouting airplane used by the Confederate States during the Second Great War. Normally it carried a pilot and an observer / tail gunner but had been used to evacuate casualties and to place spies and saboteurs behind enemy lines. It was notable for being able to take off and land nearly anywhere, and to literally hover in midair against a stiff enough wind. A number of these planes were captured and used by the United States by 1944.

Lt. Col. Jonathan Moss, US Army Air Corps, discovered to his dismay that the extremely low speed and manouverablity of the Grasshopper could actually be an advantage in escaping attack by enemy fighters. When he attempted to attack a Grasshopper in his Boeing-71 turbojet fighter near the end of the war, he found that the Grasshopper was flying so low and slow that he could not line up an effective attack run against it, and was forced to return to base.

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