A sachem is a title of leadership historically given to the head of some Native American tribes. The "great chief" (Southern New England Algonquian: massasoit sachem) whose aid in the early 1620s was such a boon to the Plymouth Colony, in what later became Massachusetts, is remembered today simply as Massasoit.

Grand Sachem in The Two GeorgesEdit

The Grand Sachem or Tododaho was the leader of the Iroquois and ruler of The Six Nations. Inheritance among the Iroquois was through the mother so the heir was the eldest son of the Grand Sachem's eldest sister, rather than the man's own son.

In 1995 Otetiani was the Grand Sachem. His nephew and heir, Major Shikalimo of the Doshoweh constabulary, assisted Colonel Thomas Bushell and Captain Samuel Stanley in their investigation of the theft of The Two Georges.