The Governor-General was the highest ranked office in the North American Union. The Governor-General represented the King-Emperor (or Queen-Empress) of Britain and the Empire in the Union. Notable Governors-General oversaw the establishment of protected Red Indian nations within the Union, westward expansion of Union domains to the Pacific Ocean, the abolition of slavery and the establishment of racial equality, the defeat of Franco-Spanish and Russian conspiracies to harm the empire from without, and the suppression of white supremacist uprisings from within. The Governor-General's residence in Victoria was known as America's Number 10 after its London model.

Literary commentEdit

The exact powers of the Governor-General of the NAU aren't thoroughly defined. The King-Emperor appoints the G-G, but conversely, the G-G is aware of the opinions of the voting public. The G-G appears to exercise powers consistent with an OTL prime minister rather than an OTL governor-general.

Sir Martin Luther King is the incumbent GGNAU throughout the novel, which takes place entirely between June and August of 1995. George Washington is frequently referenced as a great GGNAU of the past. While it is not clear that Washington was the first GG, it is most likely the case that the authors intended him to be so. In one scene, POV character Thomas Bushell walks through a hallway displaying portraits of GGNAUs past, including Jackson and Douglas (single-named but recognizable as historical figures) as well as Martin Roosevelt (who appears to be a "genetic analog," combining personality traits of Theodore and Franklin). These five are the only GGNAU mentioned in the novel, and no specific years are provided for their terms of office.

List of known Governors-GeneralEdit

  • WashingtonGeorge Washington, served in the late 18th century, possibly the first holder of the office.
  • Andrew JacksonAndrew Jackson, served during the first half of the 19th century. He oversaw the end of slavery in the NAU in 1834.
  • DouglasStephen Douglas, served during the mid 19th century, oversaw the opening of the west

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