Gordon Rhodes
Fictional Character
The Two Georges
POD: c. mid-1760s
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: North American Union
Date of Birth: c. 1950
Occupation: Police officer
Professional Affiliation: Royal American Mounted Police

Gordon Rhodes was a major in the Royal American Mounted Police and worked in the RAM's Upper California Section HQ in New Liverpool. Colonel Thomas Bushell assigned him the task of being the headquarters coordinator of the investigation into the theft of The Two Georges since Bushell intended to spend his time in the field conducting the investigation. Rhodes was a blonde man in his mid-forties and on the chunky side with a florid, scholarly face.

Major Rhodes came up with the idea of drawing a large matrix on butcher paper and cross-referencing witness statements as to who was where on the night of the theft. This greatly simplified confirming these statements and revealing any inconsistencies. Unfortunately, no inconsistencies showed up indicating none of the witnesses were likely to be directly involved in the theft.

About a week after Colonel Bushell set out for the Queen Charlotte Islands, Major Rhodes received a telephone call from him. Bushell had been trying to report to Lieutenant General Sir Horace Bragg but Bragg had left by train for Victoria earlier in the day and was unreachable. Rhodes reported that Captain Patricia Oliver had been able to trace the newspaper in the photograph that had come with the ransom. It was the Doshoweh Sentinel, the chief English-language newspaper in The Six Nations.

Rhodes continued to coordinate the investigation New Liverpool and did a follow-up interview of Titus Hackett and Franklin Mansfield. However, as he reported to Bushell several days later, he did not learn anything new.