Gomishan (Persian: گميشان‎, also Romanized as Gomīshān and Gumshān; formerly, Gomish Tepe (Persian: گميش تپه‎), also Romanized as Gomesh Tappeh, Gomīsh Tappeh, and Gumish Tepe; also formerly known as Gomish Tepe Jik (Persian: گُميش تَپِّه جيك‎), also Romanized as Gomīsh Tappeh Jīk; Turkmen: Kümüş depe) is a city in and capital of Gomishan District, in Torkaman County, Golestan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census its population was 15,639, in 3,236 families.

Gomishan in "The Banner of Kaviyan"Edit

Gomishan was a fortress and surrounding village in the Persian province of Tabaristan. This and similar fortresses helped keep Tabaristan independent of the conquering Arabs who had occupied the rest of Persia at the time of Shahin's quest for the Banner of Kaviyan. Shahin's father was the dihqan of Gomishan.

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