The Golden Shrine was a legend in the religion of the followers of the God of the Raumsdalians and the Bizogots. It was believed, that like the Glacier, the Shrine was built to keep any dangerous peoples who lived north of the Glacier from attacking the people who lived south.

During the expedition through the Gap, the search for the Golden Shrine was the chief objective. While people like Count Hamnet Thyssen disbelieved the fact that the Shrine even existed, scholars like Earl Eyvind Torfinn were dispatched by Emperor Sigvat II to find the shrine at all costs.

It was only found after the arrival of the powerful shaman Marcovefa. She thought that the Shrine was a living entity, ordained by God to look after his world. The Golden Shrine was found on the beds of the rapidly drying Sundertorp Lake. Inside it were priest and priestess, who talked about the days before the Glacier and how they were surrounded completely by it. The Shrine also had many indigenous plants and characteristics.

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