Fictional Character
The Tale of Krispos
Videssos Series
Appearance(s): Krispos Rising;
Krispos of Videssos
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Empire of Videssos
Religion: Phos worship
Cause of Death: Execution by decapitation
Occupation: Nobleman, Author of Non-Fiction
Relatives: Rhaptes, Petronas, Anthimos III (cousins)
Political Office(s): Patriarch of Videssos

Gnatios was the Patriarch of Videssos during the reigns of Anthimos III and Krispos as well as the regency of Petronas, who was Gnatios' cousin. He was a moderate in the theological debates that took place in Videssian society, but was considered dangerous due to his relationship with his cousin, a holder of much power in the empire.

After Petronas was sidelined and Anthimos killed, Gnatios attempted to sabotage Krispos, thinking that Petronas should be the avtokrator. Two weeks after Krispos' coronation, Gnatios was persuaded to wed the new avtokrator to Anthimos' widow, Dara. During the wedding ceremony, Gnatios had a flunky spring Petronas out of his monastic prison. He was suspected of doing so by Krispos and Dara, and was uncovered by a lie-detector test. Gnatios was then sent to a monastery run by his bitter rival, Pyrrhos.

Soon after, Gnatios escaped Pyrrhos clutches and joined his cousin's army. He was made patriarch by Petronas; since the Avtokrator had much power in the selection of a new patriarch, the dueling claims to the blue boots between Gnatios and Pyrrhos mirrored the claims to the red boots by Petronas and Krispos.

A year or so after Petronas began his revolt, the civil war was ended when Krispos destroyed the rebels. Gnatios was found among a pack of prisoners and sent back to his monastery.

Gnatios was eventually released by Krispos after informing the avtokrator that Harvas Black-Robe, a mercenary leader ravaging the northern borderland, was none other than the three-centuries-old Rhavas. He was made official ecumenical patriarch for the second time after Pyrrhos was fooled into submitting his resignation.

But Gnatios' habit of plotting against Krispos ultimately cost him his life. The patriarch schemed with Dara's father, Rhisoulphos, to take the throne should Krispos die in battle (be it at the hand of friend or foe). Krispos intercepted the correspondence, arrested the two men, and convened a quick trial for Gnatios before having him beheaded.

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Unknown; last known is Agathios
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