Fictional Character
Bridge of the Separator
Videssos Series
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Empire of Videssos
Cause of Death: Murdered by a blow to the head
Occupation: Farmer

Glykas was a peasant farmer outside Skopentzana during the reign of Avtokrator Maleinos II. When a civil war between Maleinos and his Grand Domestikos Stylianos broke out, garrisons were stripped from the frontiers of the Empire. Glykas fled his farm to find refuge in Skopentzana ahead of marauding Khamorth tribesmen who crossed the unguarded border.

There Glykas received a poor reception from the residents, especially those in the city militia. One day, he and his fellow refugees faced off against a gathering of militiamen in the city's central square and would have fought one another but for the chance arrival of the prelate Rhavas. The prelate scolded both sides and ordered them to lower their weapons. When they hesitated, he threatened to curse them all. The recent death of Toxaras made this threat seem more serious and so the parties sullenly dispersed.

During the following week a series of blizzards hit Skopentzana forcing the residents to remain indoors. On the first sunny day, Rhavas crossed the square from his residence to the residence of the eparch Zautzes. On the way, he noticed an unusually shaped snowdrift and discovered Glykas' body buried in it. He had been murdered with a blow to the head.

Rhavas informed Zautzes of the crime and the eparch had his militiamen guards drag Glykas' body to the residence. The mage Koubatzes was sent for and when he arrived he attempted determine Glykas' killer(s) through a spell. However, the killer had used a counter-spell to block his investigation. Koubatzes recommended Zautzes follow-up with a more mundane investigation which Zautzes agreed. However, before Zautzes could find the killer, a disgruntled refugee opened a gate during a snowstorm and allowed the Khamorth tribesmen to enter the city and sack it.