The Gloster E.28/39 (Also known as the Gloster Pioneer) was Britain's first jet fighter craft. Developed to test the new Whittle jet engine in flight, the test results would influence the development of an operational fighter, the Gloster Meteor.

Gloster Pioneer in Southern Victory Edit

The Pioneer made its first test flight on the 15th of May 1941, catching the attention of Confederate President Jake Featherston, who immediately wanted to know more about it.

Gloster Pioneer in Worldwar Edit

When the Race arrived in mid 1942, the Royal Air Force was almost wiped out by the technologically advanced jet fighters of the invaders. Needing something to match the Race with, the Pioneer was the only functional jet fighter the British had, and so she was thrown into the fight.

Although the Pioneer was still completely outmatched by the Race fighters, its appearance in the skies alarmed members of the Conquest Fleet's High Command.

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