Deutsche Christen Flagge
The German Christians were a movement within German Protestantism that wholly embraced the ideology of Nazism, including the Führerprinzip and anti-Semitism. This included the "de-Jewification" of the Bible's Old Testament and the idea of the "Aryan" Jesus. While it was a goal of the German Christians to turn all of German Protestantism towards Nazism, its leaders were politicially inept. Moreover, while the Nazis found the group useful before taking power, upon their ascension, the Nazis did much to curtail the power of the religious leaders. The German Christians lost their remaining influence after World War II.

German Christians in "Shtetl Days"Edit

The German Christians remained the major religious organization in the Greater German Reich well into the 21st Century. However, they were far better at rendering unto the Reich than unto God.

Minister Ferdinand Marian was recruited to play the part of Rabbi Eliezer at the tourist village of Wawolnice. While Marian was not a professional actor before getting the part, he quickly grew into the role. In time, he, like other re-enactors, came to identify himself as a Jew, rather than a German Christian.

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