Fictional Character
"Of Mice and Chicks"
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Occupation: Mercenary soldier, rabbit-rider

Georgia was a mercenary soldier and rabbit-rider. She was short, with weathered features and a scar on her face. She rode with another mercenary named Lani, a veritable giantess who wasn't terribly intelligent. Georgia had promised Lani's Uncle Hugo that she would watch out for Lani after Hugo died, a decision she often regretted.

It was a long standing dream of Georgia's that she earn enough money to retire on. To that end, she often promised Lani that once they had enough money, they'd by a bunny ranch and begin raising rabbits. Lani clung to the dream, although she often forgot the details, and frequently asked Georgia to go back over the plan.

Literary commentEdit

Georgia is based on George Milton, one of the two primary protagonists of John Steinbeck's novella/play Of Mice and Men (1936).