George Stephenson
Fictional Character
A Different Flesh
POD: C. 2.5-1.3 million years ago;
Relevant POD: c. 1492
Appearance(s): "The Iron Elephant"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Human
Nationality: Federated Commonwealths of America
Date of Birth: Mid 18th century
Occupation: Station-master, Hotelier

George Stephenson was the station-master for the town of Springfield, Federated Commonwealths of America. In 1782, inventor Richard Trevithick came to Springfield with his prototype Iron Elephant steam-engine. Stephenson was so impressed that he neglected to have his crew ready to unload the passengers and baggage from a newly arrived train. The train's driver, Prem Chand, was angered by Stephenson's negligence. When he found the station-master, Stephenson briefly apologized, and the immediately introduced Prem Chand to Trevithick. Stephenson's enthusiasm helped goad Prem Chand into challenging Trevithick to a race between his hairy elephants and Trevithick's Iron Elephant.

Stephenson was also Springfield's largest hotelier.

Literary commentEdit

This character appears to be named after an English railroad engine designer who lived 1781-1848 in OTL. The presence of the Trevithick character, also named after an OTL railroad figure of a later era, supports this hypothesis.