George Smith
Fictional Character
"Ready for the Fatherland"
POD: February 19, 1943
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: United Kingdom
Occupation: Spy
Affiliations: British Intelligence

George Smith, code name Giorgio Ferrero, was a British Intelligence agent. In 1979, he and fellow agent Peter Drinkwater traveled to Rijeka, Croatia to meet a Serb partisan who wished to purchase British arms. Traveling in the guise of Italian fishermen, Smith and Drinkwater met the Serb, known as Bogdan, in a church late one night. Bogdan was not happy at the prospect of dealing with the West, but his group had been betrayed by the Soviet Union. After closing a deal to sell Bogdan various weapons, a group of Croatian secret police raided the meeting, injuring Bogdan.

In truth, Smith and Drinkwater set Bogdan up as a favor to Croatia's ally Nazi Germany, to secure access to German oil. The Soviet Union had recently been creating trouble in the Middle East, leaving British access to oil there uncertain.

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