Geoffrey, often spelled Jeffrey (among other variants), and abbreviated as Geoff or Jeff or Geof, is a male given name in the English-speaking world. It is from a Norman French form of a Germanic name, Gottfried or Godfrey, meaning God's place. The second element is Germanic frid "peace", but the first element may be either gawia "territory", walha "foreign" or gisil "hostage". It is possible that two or more names merged into a single form. Jefferson, which originated as a patronymic surname meaning Geoffrey's son, has also been used as a given name in the English-speaking world. Jeffries is another patronymic surname.

Characters identified only as Geoffrey:

Geoffrey (Detinan), a fantasy analogue of Jefferson Davis in the The War Between the Provinces.
Geoffrey (The Thing in the Woods), a young boy in "The Thing in the Woods".

Characters with the first name of Geoffrey:

Geoffrey Chaucer, a historical English author, poet, and philosopher referenced in In High Places.
Geoffrey Lawrence, a historical British judge at the Nuremberg Trials, referenced in The Man With the Iron Heart.
Geoffrey Martin, a minor character in Ruled Britannia.

Characters Known As Geoff:

Geoff (Atlantis), a sailor and minor character in Opening Atlantis.
Geoff (The Two Georges), a Son of Liberty in The Two Georges.
Geoff Rheinburg, a UC Berkeley professor in Supervolcano.

Characters with the first name Jeffrey:

Jeffrey Boyan, historical musician appearing in "The Fillmore Shoggoth".
Jeffrey Forrest, historical Confederate colonel referenced in Fort Pillow.

Characters known as Jeff:

Jeff Mendoza, explorer for Crosstime Traffic in The Valley-Westside War.
Jeff Walpole, U.S. Army major, minor fictional character in The Hot War.

Characters surnamed Jeffries:

Falstaff Jeffries, a grocer and minor character in In at the Death.
Stan Jeffries, fictional character in "Bluff".

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