Fictional Character
The Two Georges
POD: c. mid-1760s
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Iroquois citizen of the North American Union
Race: Native Americans
Religion: Polytheists
Occupation: Lab technician

Ganeodiyo was a laboratory technician with the Doshoweh constabulary. He wore his hair in a neat queue which contrasted oddly with his spotless white lab robe.

In 1995 he assisted Colonel Thomas Bushell in the investigation of the theft of The Two Georges. Bushell had recovered an envelope from a Sons of Liberty hideout on the Queen Charlotte Islands which had been mailed from The Six Nations. Ganeodiyo succeeded in narrowing down the location it had been posted to a district in Doshoweh.

During the investigation, Ganeodiyo did not deal directly with Col. Bushell and refused to acknowledge his presence and that of the other RAMs in Major Shikalimo's office. He did give a grudging nod to Capt. Sylvanus Greeley after the latter thanked him in Iroquois for his work.

Major Shikalimo later apologised on Ganeodiyo's behalf, explaining that he didn't quite think individuals were human unless they spoke Iroquois. As Shikalimo put it, Ganeodiyo might almost be English in that respect.

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