In Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series, the Galactic University was the premier institution of higher learning for the Galactic Empire. Its main campus was located on the empire's capital planet-world of Trantor. Its campus included the Imperial Library. From the time of Hari Seldon until Gilmer's great sack of Trantor, it was the seat of the Second Foundation, and after the fall of the empire its location continued to be the Second Foundation's home. This secret was known to almost no one outside the Second Foundation's ranks.

Galactic University in "Trantor Falls"Edit

When Gilmer began his assault on Trantor, the student body and faculty of the Galactic University raised a militia to defend their campus. This was the only unit on the entire planet which successfully held Gilmer's forces out of their territory. Dagobert VIII, Emperor of the Galaxy was extremely gratified and touched by the courage shown by these academics on what he, Dagobert, believed to be his behalf. Of course, the University community was fighting on behalf of the Second Foundation, not the Empire; they were actually quite gratified to have the imperial government gone form their world, for operating within imperial territory had posed a security risk to the Second Foundation.

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