Gabriel, a Hebrew name meaning "God is my strength," may refer in Harry Turtledove works to:

Characters known only as Gabriel:

Archangel Gabriel, theological figure occasionally referenced in Turtledove works, most importantly in "Departures", prequel to Agent of Byzantium.

Characters known only as Gabe:

Gabe (Iron Heart), fictional US Army medic, minor character in The Man With the Iron Heart.

Characters whose first name is Gabriel:

Gabriel Medwick, fictional Confederate soldier in the Settling Accounts tetralogy.
Gabriel Pruitt, a journalist and minor character in The Two Georges.
Gabriel Sanchez, fictional policeman in Supervolcano.
Gabriel Semmes, fictional Confederate politician in Southern Victory.

Characters nicknamed Gabby:

Gabby Priest, fictional US Army soldier, minor character in Return Engagement.

Characters whose middle name is Gabriel:

Al Capone, historical crime kingpin referenced in The Man With the Iron Heart and All Fall Down.

Characters whose first name is Gavrilo, a Slavic version of Gabriel:

Gavrilo Princip, historical terrorist referenced in Hitler's War.

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