Frankenstein is a 1931 horror film starring Colin Clive, Mae Clark, John Boles, and Boris Karloff, and directed by James Whale. The film is a very loose adaptation of English writer Mary Shelley's 1819 novel. Clive plays the scientist Dr. Henry Frankenstein, who builds a creature from the parts of dead bodies, and successfully brings it to life, but is unable to control the strong, simpleminded creation.

While it was not the first time the novel was filmed (there had been a few silent short films of Frankenstein in the 1910s and '20s), the 1931 version is certainly the most famous version, and remains an influential horror film in its own right.

Frankenstein in "Shtetl Days"Edit

Frankenstein was one of two films that Veit Harlan watched the evening after he'd undergone a circumcision. The other was Bringing Up Baby. Despite being over a century old, dubbed into German, and filmed in black and white, Harlan was thoroughly gripped by Frankenstein. The next day, he had an epiphany: the village of Wawolnice was a Frankenstein monster, created from the surviving scraps of Jewish culture by the German Reich. And now, the German actors had quietly become Jews themselves.

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