The 4th Ukrainian Front (Russian: 4-й Украинский фронт) was a front (a roughly army group-sized formation) of the Red Army during World War II. It was formed on October 20, 1943 by renaming the Southern Front.
200px-4ty ukraiński

The Banner of the Front.

The front's first operations were the Lower Dnieper Strategic Offensive Operation and the Kiev Strategic Offensive and Kiev Strategic Defensive operations. In early 1944, after an amphibious landing against the German-held Crimea, begun the Crimean Strategic Offensive Operation in which 4UF, including 2nd Guards Army, 51st Army and the Separate Coastal Army destroyed the 17th Army which was holding out there. 5th Shock Army and 28th Army were also part of the Front at the time, but do not appear from U.S. military maps to have actually taken part in the battle.

Fourth Ukrainian Front in "The Phantom Tolbukhin"Edit

A much damaged and under-manned Fourth Ukrainian Front under the command of General Fedor "Phantom" Tolbukhin attacked the German-held Ukrainian city of Zaporozhye in 1947 after the Nazis managed to conquer much of the Soviet Union. The Front had been resisting through guerrilla tactics.

They managed to steal German munitions and destroy the rest before fleeing into woods and hiding in a collective farm.

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