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TopicLast EditLast Author
One Last Look at The War That Prematurely Ejaculated18:50, August 10, 2014Turtle Fan
Turtledove Speech on Youtube01:45, July 30, 2014Turtle Fan
Joe Steele the Novel03:11, June 22, 2014Turtle Fan
Update on things14:59, May 23, 2014TR
Aerial Combat Deaths23:40, April 24, 2014ML4E
Translation into German18:38, March 9, 2014TR
Category for OTL stories02:09, February 22, 2014Turtle Fan
Southern Victory Maps19:27, February 19, 2014ML4E
Pretenders20:27, February 16, 2014TR
Where's My Time Machine?16:21, January 29, 2014Turtle Fan
I'll just leave this here....07:01, January 25, 2014TR
Southern Victory Warships17:04, January 18, 2014ML4E
To those who celebrate it:20:44, January 2, 2014ML4E
Doctor Who20:04, January 2, 2014Turtle Fan
Supervolcano continuation?18:32, November 29, 2013TR
The Day of the Doctor23:00, November 23, 2013Turtle Fan
Boardwalk Empire23:26, November 11, 2013Turtle Fan
Happy Halloween18:18, November 1, 2013JudgeFisher
Article on HT--should add more personal details?02:56, October 2, 2013Turtle Fan
Hamlet characters18:51, October 1, 2013ML4E
Copper22:20, September 24, 2013Turtle Fan
Two Fronts for those who have read it02:08, September 20, 2013Turtle Fan
New AH TV series on ABC23:17, September 15, 2013Turtle Fan
Kirov Series by John Schettler04:53, September 3, 2013JudgeFisher
TL-191 movies?04:45, September 3, 2013JudgeFisher

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