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Fort Leavenworth is a United States Army facility located in Leavenworth County, Kansas (just north of the city of Leavenworth) in the upper northeast portion of the state. It is the oldest active U.S. Army post west of the Mississippi River, in operation for over 170 years. Fort Leavenworth has been historically known as the "Intellectual Center of the Army."

Fort Leavenworth also accommodates the Department of Defense's only maximum security prison, the United States Disciplinary Barracks.

Fort Leavenworth in Joe SteeleEdit

Literary commentEdit

In the short story, "Joe Steele", Huey Long is interned at Ft. Leavenworth and "killed while trying to escape". In the novel, Long is assassinated in Alexandria, Louisiana, and Ft. Leavenworth isn't referenced at all.

Fort Leavenworth in Southern VictoryEdit

Fort Leavenworth was the home of the United States Army's Barrel Works in the immediate aftermath of the Great War. Irving Morrell oversaw the project until Upton Sinclair was elected president in 1920. The Sinclair administration cut funding for the works. With the onset of the Pacific War over a decade later, coupled with the rise of the Freedom Party and Jake Featherston in the Confederate States, the Barrel Works project was reactivated at Leavenworth.

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