The Fofogo were a species of aliens living on the innermost planet orbiting a G-4 star about 130 light-years from Earth. Humans and Fofogos discovered each other at about the same time through their mutual radio transmissions. Fofogos were about half the sizes of humans and resembled Porky Pig with feathery crests rather than hair.

Humans and Fofogos found much in common. Each found the other's jokes funny. Humans, after synthesizing the ingredients, found Fofogo foods tasty while the Fofogo began scarfing things like bagels and kimchi. Porn, well not so much given the differences in appearances including the naughty bits. Not all innovations shared were beneficial. A Fofogo idea led to the Bigdubping Riots while they never thought of Ponzi schemes. However, contact was more beneficial than otherwise.

The mutual discovery also led to justification for the space program to exist for each. Joint research led to viable (although slow compared to light speed) starships and to cryogenic hibernation techniques. It was agreed to meet half way and so expeditions were launched from each planet. Earth's was led by Louise Donner while Fofogo's by Pahk Tschapp. Humans called the meeting at the mid-point in the middle of nowhere the "summit" and the Fofogos were pleased with the expression and so adopted it.

After the disaster that was the Donner Summit, both crews froze down and headed home. The Fofogo intended to build no more starships. Humans? Not so sure.

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