Luftbild Flensburg Schleswig-Holstein Zentrum Stadthafen Foto 2012 Wolfgang Pehlemann Steinberg-Ostsee IMG 6187-1-
Flensburg is a medium sized town in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. It was founded as Flensborg, Denmark in the 13th century, and remained Danish until conquered by Prussia in 1864.

In May 1945, Flensburg was the seat of the last government of Nazi Germany, the so-called Flensburg government led by Kriegsmarine Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz, which was in power from 1 May (the day after Adolf Hitler's death) until its dissolution on 23 May.

Flensburg in WorldwarEdit

The remnants of the decimated German military and government operated from Flensburg after most larger German cities, including the capital Nuremburg, were destroyed by explosive-metal bombs in the opening fighting of the Race-German War of 1965.

Germany's new capital had once been a Danish city, as evidenced by visible elements of Danish culture, including a monument to King Frederik IV.

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