Fleetlord was the title given to head of the Race's space-fleets. The Race's approach to expanding its empire was to first send a conquest fleet to subdue a planet in its entirety. A generation later, after the conquered planet was largely pacified, the colonization fleet would arrive.

The fleetlord of a conquest fleet was the supreme military commander during the conquest process, overseeing all military theaters of operations. The fleetlord also governed the captive world for the Emperor and was the Emperor's representative on the ground until the colonization fleet arrived.

The fleetlord of the colonization fleet was essentially a civilian position. This included overseeing the awakening of colonists from cold sleep and their assignment to their new homes on the conquered planet.

Known FleetlordsEdit

  • Kirel, succeeded Atvar as the fleetlord of the Tosev 3 conquest fleet.

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