Downtown Findlay from the air-1-
Findlay is a city in the state of Ohio and the county seat of Hancock County. The municipality is located in north-western Ohio approximately 50 miles south of Toledo. The population was 38,967 at the 2000 census. It is home to The University of Findlay.

Findlay in Southern VictoryEdit

Findlay was a U.S. strongpoint which temporarily delayed the Confederate offensive Operation Blackbeard. Lt. Col. Tom Colleton's regiment was stalled by U.S. artillery and machinegun emplacements until General George Patton personally organized an armour attack consisting of three three-barrel platoons. This allowed the Confederates to bypass the town forcing the U.S. defenders to retreat or be encircled.

Two of those defenders were Armstrong Grimes and Yossel Reisen, Jr. and the unit they belonged to. Reisen had been called up after the start of the Second Great War and was assigned to this unit while it was in Findlay as a replacement for a casualty.

After the destruction of the Confederate Army in Pittsburgh, the U.S. began to drive the rest of the Confederates out of Ohio. In 1943 Findlay was once again in U.S. hands, and Cincinnatus Driver delivered supplies here for distribution to the front.

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