Fernwood is a small community in Los Angeles County, California.

Fernwood in "Birdwitching"Edit

Each Yule Day Fernwood and its neighboring community of Sunset Grove held a bird watching competition.

Fernwood in "Topanga and the Chatsworth Lancers"Edit

Fernwood was a small community in Topanga Canyon, south of Topanga village and closer to the Pacific Ocean. After The Change, it allied with the rest of the Topanga Canyon dwellers to remain independent of The Valley. Some thirty years after The Change, Bruce Delgado led his Chatsworth Lancers and other Valley forces to invade Topanga. Fernwood formed up a detachment of soldiers and were heading up to the Glenview border wall when they were warned by Connor Tillman of a Valley force trying to slip past the defenses through the wilderness. The Fernwood commander deployed his force to counter the Valley soldiers and managed to drive them off. The Fernwood detachment (along with Tillman) then formed up and continued to march to Glenview.[1]


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