Introduced in Eruption

  • Teo Acosta -common law spouse of Louise Ferguson; father of James Henry Ferguson
  • Kelly Birnbaum -second wife of Colin Ferguson; mother of Deborah Michelle
  • Leonard Birnbaum -father of Kelly
  • Miriam Birnbaum -mother of Kelly
  • Colin Ferguson -ex husband of Louise; father of Marshall, Rob and Vanessa; remarried to Kelly Birnbaum; father of Deborah Michelle
  • Louise Ferguson -ex wife of Colin; mother of Marshall, Rob and Vanessa; left Colin for Teo Acosta; mother of James Henry
  • Marshall Ferguson -youngest child of Colin and Louise Ferguson
  • Rob Ferguson -eldest child of Colin and Louise Ferguson; husband of Lindsey Kincaid
  • Vanessa Ferguson -middle child of Colin and Louise Ferguson

Introduced in All Fall Down

Introduced in Things Fall Apart

Other FergusonsEdit

It is mentioned in passing that Colin Ferguson's father had died of lung cancer some time ago.[1]

At the wedding of Colin Ferguson and Kelly Birnbaum, Kelly's first cousin Loreen Samuels served as her maid of honor. Also mentioned was Colin's sister Norma and her husband Earl being in attendance.[2]


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