Ferdinand is a German man's name, also popular in English and French speaking countries, possibly derived from archaic German words for "brave traveler". In Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, it is popular in numerous forms including Fernando, Fernão, and Hernando, often used interchangeably. In the works of Harry Turtledove, many characters have one of these permutations as a name.

Single name characters:

Fernao, a mage in the Darkness series.


Ferdinand II of Aragon, also known as Ferdinand V of Castile (Fernando in Spanish), historical monarch referenced contemporarily in "Report of the Special Committee on the Quality of Life" and posthumously in Ruled Britannia.

Characters whose first name is Ferdinand:

Ferdinand Foch, historical French General appearing in How Few Remain.
Ferdinand Koenig, fictional Confederate politician with a major role in Southern Victory.
Ferdinand Marian, fictional actor and clergyman in "Shtetl Days".

Characters whose first name is Fernando:

Fernando Valenzuela, living baseball player referenced in "The Road Not Taken."

Characters whose first name is Hernando:

Hernán Cortés, historical conquistador referenced in "Eyewear".
Hernando de Talavera, historical archbishop referenced in "Report of the Special Committee on the Quality of Life".

Characters whose surname is Fernandez

Joaquin Fernandez, fictional Spanish soldier and minor character in Ruled Britannia.

Place names:

San Fernando Valley, a region in California which serves as a setting for numerous Turtledove works.

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